Pueblo County Jail Task Force

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Comprehensive Report

The Pueblo County Jail Task Force’s comprehensive report was delivered to the public, as promised, on Wednesday, August 30. The report includes short and long-term solutions to address the superfluous maintenance costs as well as the safety and community issues created by long-term overcrowding and the jail’s aging infrastructure. The JTF also evaluated the repurposing of the existing dormitories at the existing jail to become a detox and drug treatment center for the community.  This treatment center could play a critical role in helping reduce the surging population of the jail and help reverse some negative trends seen in the community.

According to a survey of Colorado’s 10 large counties, the Pueblo County jail is the most over-crowded county jail, operating at an average of 145 percent above capacity. The overcrowding is putting detention deputies’ safety at risk and exacerbating the jail’s overall aging conditions.

Currently, the jail’s critical building system needs, overcrowding and safety hazards, have cost Pueblo County, and ultimately tax payers, approximately $1.8 million in budget overages for 2017. Those maintenance overages are projected to cost Pueblo County nearly $14.7 million by 2024 if the aging infrastructure and overcrowding issues continue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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