Pueblo County 2012 Budget

To The Citizens of Pueblo County: 

I am pleased to present the operating budget of Pueblo County Government for fiscal year ending December 31, 2012.

Expenditures in the revised budget total $187,405,906. The budget is funded with revenue estimates of an equal amount, including $7,753,451 of fund balance as follows: a) $3,935,131 for 2012 estimated expenditures above estimated revenues, b) $3,818,320 of encumbrances carried‐over from 2011 for various capital projects in progress, and c) $364,467 for designated funds grant‐related purpose carried‐over from 2011. Included in revenue estimates are property taxes of $43,005,226.

Projected revenues for non‐grant services were down $1.5 million (or 2.5%) from 2011 before the county met its obligation to back‐fill a $1.4 million short‐fall in state funding for federal mandated social services in Pueblo County; leaving $2.9 million less revenues to operate nongrant county services (or 4.5% less) than for 2011.

The proposed budget makes the best possible use of the limited funds available by focusing funding effort to improve economic value added for county taxpayers. Funding priority is given
to high return projects that improve services without using more resource or to activities that
free‐up resource.

$5.5 million is appropriated to invest resources freed‐up from 2010‐2011 governmental
activities in three activities set by commissioners to benefit county taxpayers, help employees
and provide future growth.

The 2012 budget back‐fills $1.4 million in state‐cut property tax relief funds that helped the
county meet its statutory funding match, enabling $5.6 million of federal funds to pass through
the state to the county. The added $7 million for 2012 will assist a growing number of qualified
county residents and fund jobs for 113 current employees handling ever‐increasing caseloads of
social services in the county.

Second, the 2012 budget also appropriates $1.2 million to fund a one‐step (or 1.7% COLA) pay
increase for all employees plus help offset 56% of $1.2 million (or 14%) increase in annual costs
of health care benefits. Commissioners feel the pay increase with health care costs subsidy for
all will boost morale and increase productivity, and recognize this helps 1,100 employees who
have not seen a pay increase in four years and absorbed an 8% increase in health care costs in

The hiring freeze implemented in 2009 extends through 2012 to help pay for the 2012 one‐step
increase in pay and offset to health benefits increase. $0.5 million (or 5%) in recurring cuts are
made to operating expenditures of all departments, and no funds are appropriated for new
discretionary spending in 2012.

Third, the 2012 budget appropriates $2.9 million for additional annual debt service to build a
new judicial building for the strategic benefit of taxpayers and the region. This capital project
estimated to cost $55 million will be funded by wrapping 30‐year COPs with current debt to
provide adjusted annual debt service of $5.615 million. Commissioners view now as the best
time to capitalize on low construction costs and low long‐term financing to stimulate local jobs
and add infrastructure needed to serve the region and help Pueblo County grow in the future.
Leadership is all about providing for the future.

In 2012, federal funds will pay to construct a new $2.2 million defense‐access roadway at the
airport industrial park and a new $6.5 million building for the office of emergency management.
The county plans to purchase $1.8 million of new machinery & equipment, including replace
dated computer equipment; buy a grader, snow plow/dump truck, and water truck for roads &
bridges; and spend $623,226 on identified projects and improvements to county buildings.

Download the attached PDF to read the entire report.