Pueblo County 2014 Budget

Pueblo County Citizens,
I am pleased to present the Board of County Commissioner’s budget of Pueblo County Government for fiscal year ending December 31, 2014. The 2014 budget improves County services while anticipating overall flat‐lined local revenues. The budget assigns $2.7 million (or 20%) of unrestricted reserves and plans to avoid spending another $2.6 million (or 19%) of reserves via a reduction in force on non‐grant‐funded FTEs by 47 (or 4.5%) from attrition to balance the budget.

Expenditures in the budget total $165,080,375. The budget is funded with revenue estimates of an equal amount including assigned General Fund reserves of $2,734,715 and $774,300 for designated funds purpose. Carryovers of $16,622,600 to complete construction of the new judicial building and other capital projects in progress are funded. $10,865,285 of reserves is committed for unplanned emergency financial and capital needs. $2,500,000 of reserves is restricted by Colorado TABOR statute for emergency response to BOCC‐declared disasters.

The budget appropriates $620,000 for a 1.7% COLA pay increase for all and $512,000 increase in estimated employer allowance for group medical insurance premiums of covered employees.

The budget cuts $1.6 million (or 1.8%) from existing operations for 2014. $4 million of mandated or pledged support and $1.6 million for grants to non‐profits (7% less overall) is funded for 2014.

The budget reserves $1,246,400 for six months of preliminary costs estimate to provide security, operate and maintain the new judicial building, with an opening date to be determined. Also, the 2014 budget funds opening a new FEMA‐provided Emergency Operations Center building on April 1, 2014. So, the Sheriff Office will continue to coordinate emergency management services for the Southern Colorado region at little, if any, estimated added net costs to Pueblo County taxpayers.

The budget improves debt profile with no new debt and funds debt service payments of $7.8 million.

The budget funds $2 million for capital replacements: $7,500 for 4 items of furniture and fixtures; $191,000 for 70 items of new machinery and equipment; $535,800 for 3 pieces of heavy equipment in Road & Bridge; $151,250 for 5 vehicles; and $698,000 for 145 PCs and computer equipment. Another $500,000 is provided to fund control maintenance projects on 27 county‐owned buildings.

Pension Plan contributions, of employees and County, remain at 8.25% of gross pay each for 2014. The County self‐funds Other Post‐Employment Benefits, for group medical coverage until retirees qualify for Medicare. $1.7 million, needed to service funding $3 million of OPEB UAAL at FYE 2012, remains unfunded.

The Budget Office forecasts $13.6 million of unassigned reserves at FYE 12/31/13 for two months or 17% of TABOR (non‐grant) est. spending at $81.7 million in 2014, to meet U.S. Government Financial Officers Association minimum requirement for local governments, regardless of their size. Of the $13.6 million, $2.7 million is assigned for 2014 and $10.9 million is committed for unforeseen needs.

Revenue estimates include property taxes of $45,639,951. The following chart breaks‐out revenue and use of other financing sources needed to balance with total appropriations in the 2014 budget.


Calvin A Hamler, BS/MS/MBA/CPA
Director of Budget and Finance


Download the attached PDF to read the entire report.


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