About the Food Safety Program

The Food Safety Program at Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment protects citizens through active monitoring and education of retail food establishments within Pueblo County.  The food program works with local eateries to ensure safe food handling and to control risk factors that could lead to the development of foodborne illnesses.  Through consistent, unannounced operational inspections the food program ensures retail food establishments are abiding by food regulations and are guarding consumers against the FDA’s identified risk factors.  Operational inspections may only provide a quick snapshot of a facility; however, the inspections are essential in revealing persistent or long-term problems.  Once problems are identified inspectors seek immediate correction to ensure risks do not linger.  Often corrections of risks occur immediately and are coupled with educational moments that allow restaurant operators to understand how the risks developed and the ways to prevent future occurrences.  The food program also hosts classes teaching essential food safety and other educational opportunities to keep food handlers (and consumers) aware and healthy.  Working together, food retailers and the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment Food Safety Program keep Pueblo County’s diverse meal options safe.

Located at:
Environmental Health Division, third floor
101 W. 9th Street
Pueblo, CO 81003
*To report a food-related complaint use the Complaint Line at 719.583.4307

Services Provided:

  • Licensing and inspecting of commercial food operations.  Commercial food operations include restaurants, cafeterias, grocery stores, delis, concession stands, mobile food units and pushcarts.
  • Temporary food event inspections including plan review prior to each event.  Event coordinator training is also offered for these events.
  • Food Safety classes are offered twice a year (see calendar), as well as by request during work hours or on weekends.
  • Local food safety newsletters are mailed out twice a year to educate owners, managers and employees of food service.
  • Investigation and follow-up reports of food borne illness and general public health complaints associated with food service operations. 
  • Change of ownership inspections for prospective real estate transactions involving food establishments.
  • Assistance with consumer alerts and food recalls.
  • Construction guidance for new establishment or establishments planning to remodel. Services include: pre-plan consultations, plan reviews, construction inspections, and opening inspections.