Air Quality

Air quality is a composite of several programs, which control pollution by regulations that affect ambient air quality in the Pueblo area and subsequently affect resident’s health. Air quality includes a local segment and a state segment. The program in Pueblo is supported by state legislation and by regulations promulgated by the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission and by local ordinance under the Pueblo Municipal Code. The state segment of the program is structured under a contract with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Air Pollution Control Division and is the bulk of Pueblo’s program. This contract provides funding for specified activities and provides the authority for the program to function in Pueblo as a regulatory agency of the State. The local segment of the program is structured under the Pueblo Municipal Code, which contains an ordinance that provides the Pueblo City-County Health Department authority to deal with fugitive dust control and related permitting issues. 

Penalties can be imposed for a violation of a regulation or of the terms and conditions of a given permit after due and legal process. State legislation provides for civil and criminal penalties associated with a proven violation of the operating permit requirements. Civil penalties are prescribed for violations of other types of permits at both the state and local levels. Compliance with regulatory and permit requirements is the prime objective of the inspection. The Pueblo City-County Health Department takes advantage of the discretion built into the enforcement system that allows for professional judgment and inter-agency networking to determine and consider factors including the severity of the violation, ambient air quality impact, and the economics of control to assure quality compliance.

The contract workload is composed of minor stationary source (factories, industries, mining operations and construction projects) inspections, asbestos inspections (on a complaint basis), CFC (facilities and activities dealing with freon) inspections, and ambient air monitoring efforts. The local segment revolves around the fugitive dust ordinance within the Pueblo Municipal Code.


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