Public and Residential Housing

The Pueblo City-County Health Department is dedicated to the reduction of substandard housing conditions that are of detriment to human health and that contribute negatively towards quality of life. The program encompasses three main housing types: residential, public, and mobile home parks.

The Health Department has the primary duty of inspection of residential housing for verification of adequate cleaning, pest control, and general sanitation. Systems such as heating, plumbing, electrical, and structural within residential housing are the responsibility of the Pueblo Regional Building Department, 316 West 15 th Street, Pueblo, 543-0002.

The other significant activity is the inspection of vacant dwellings. Vacant structures are inspected for open doors, open windows or other conditions that would allow accessibility. If accessibility is determined, this Department relays this information to the Pueblo Fire Department via letter, who arranges for a City contractor to board or re-board openings if the owner fails to do so. Depending on suspected usage of open dwellings, this Department may inspect such structures two or more times a year.

Enforcement for violations include issuing Notice of Violations, summons to Pueblo Municipal Court or Pueblo County courts, and orders to vacate premises. Condemnation of properties, however, is the sole responsibility of the Pueblo Regional Building Department.


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