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All citizens, schools and businesses can protect our waterways by taking some simple actions.  

What is a Watershed?

What is Stormwater? 

The Pueblo City-County Health Department's Environmental Coordinator (EC) assists the city stormwater utility to educate the general public in pollution prevention on land and in waterways. Presentations are made to school children at the annual Discovering Water in Pueblo Festival, and the anti-littering message is shared at many local preschools. The EC manages the community-wide Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day in the spring, promotes waste diversion, and coordinates the annual Fountain Creek Week cleanup in September.  For information on these and other activities, call (719) 583-4309 or send an email

The EC serves on  Southern Colorado Stormwater Committee with other professional staff from the City of Pueblo, City of Canon City, Pueblo County, Pueblo West  Public Works. The Committee coordinates the annual Stormwater Regional Educational Seminar, held in February.  This one day event offers industry guest speakers who share Best Management Practices, Engineering Design and details, and lead discussions on issues affecting the stormwater community.  It’s aim is to provide continuing education to engineers, utility companies and installers, contractors and builders within the Fountain Creek Watershed and Arkansas Valley River Basin.  For more information on the seminar, call the Pueblo Stormwater Inspector at (719) 553-2291 or send an email

For more information visit City of Pueblo Stormwater Utility


Five murals at storm drain inlets, four in the downtown area and one at Bessemer Academy, were recently painted through a partnership between the Pueblo City-County Health Department, City of Pueblo Stormwater Utility, and the Pueblo Arts Alliance.

Storm drain murals and other messages have been used around the country as a fun and attractive way to educate the public about their local waterways. Puebloans are encouraged to prevent pollution and protect storm drain inlets from litter, dissolved chemicals, pet waste, auto fluids, leaves, grass clippings, and other contaminates.

The project mission is to raise awareness about the ecosystem health of drainages, ponds, lakes, the Arkansas River and Fountain Creek, and empower citizens to have a positive impact on water quality.

This project was undertaken in connection with the settlement of an enforcement action taken by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment for alleged violations of the Colorado Hazardous Waste Act and Regulations. 





  • Walgreens, 2900 Northern Avenue, 561-9728
  • Unwanted, unused or expired prescriptions, including controlled substances and over-the-counter medications
  • Look for the kiosk located near the pharmacy, inside the store

FREE PAPER RECYCLING BINS:  PUEBLO CHIEFTAIN Midtown office–in back lot, near 8th and Blake Streets

  • A public service of The Chieftain with a private contractor
  • UPDATED JANUARY 2016: Accepts PAPER ONLY; newspaper, catalogs, magazines, junk mail, office paper and phonebooks
  • NO cardboard, NO plastic containers, NO metal cans; NO plastic bags, NO glass, NO foam
  • Do NOT leave recyclables on the pavement or on bin lids
  • Loose shredded paper is NOT good!  It creates litter in the wind.  Contain shred in a stapled, paper sack
  • Report overflow and illegal dumping to the Chieftain front desk

FREE RECYCLING TRANSFER STATION:  Owned and Managed by C&C Disposal and Recycling   (719) 924-1884

  • 1401 Quartz Road (off I-25 Exit #104 Eden) Take I-25 frontage road north of Love’s Travel Stop
  • Accepts newspaper, catalogs, magazines, junk mail, office paper, plastic containers #1-7, metal cans, flattened cardboard, paperboard 
  • Accepts glass bottles and jars in a separate dumpster---sort by color
  • Hours:  Monday-Friday 7am-5pm; Saturday 7am-2pm




Click here to watch a video of a volunteer's experience from 2017 Creek Week in Pueblo.