The Pueblo County Coroner's Office is headed by Brian Cotter.

The Medicolegal Death Investigator staff consists of investigators that are either Diplomats of the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigation or are Board eligible. The ABMDI is the nation certification examination for death investigation that tests knowledge base in over 260 areas. All investigators have received specialized death investigation training, toxic chemical training and HAZMAT training. Current Investigators are: Ron Ivan, Rich Lipich, Ken Espinoza, Dave Santos and Kim Kittrup. All are Deputy Coroners and Chief Deputy is Dave Santos.

Transportation of deceased persons is contracted to a private firm. Transportation requires appropriate vehicles, equipment, supplies and prompt response.

Death notification is made in person and on occasion utilizes mutual aid when out of area notification is required.

Coroner inquests are an integral part of the service and responsibility of the Coroner.

Working relationships with the City/County Health Department exist pertaining to the issues of communicable disease.

The Coroner's Office is an active participant with the requirements of the Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness and Planning Program and the Chemical depot.

A family information brochure is provided to each family. this brochure addresses such issues as autopsy, organ donation, viewing, identification and release.

Every Death..........Every Time



Brian Cotter, MPAS, PA-C
215 W. 10th Street
81003 Pueblo , CO
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