Pueblo Enterprise Zone Contribution Project- Available Tax Credits for Donations

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Cash donations to any of Pueblo’s approved Enterprise Zone Contribution projects of $250 or more make donors eligable to claim up to a 25% Colorado State income tax credit in addition to other available federal tax incentives. These projects in Pueblo County encourage community participation and public private partnerships to revitalize the Pueblo Enterprise Zone.

To donate to one of the Pueblo County Contribution projects, contact one or more of the organizations below for their information. Send your donation of $250 or more directly to the selected organizations with Enterprise Zone Donation listed in the memo line. The organization must request the last four digits of your social security number or your Colorado Account Number to process your donation through the program. Donors having made a certified contribution to an Enterprise Zone Contribution Project may claim 25% of a cash donation as an income tax credit, and half of that amount (12.5%) for an in-kind donation. Donors will receive confirmation of their tax credit from the Enterprise Zone administrator. The actual credit earned is figured based on all eligible contributions during the tax year, and capped at $100,000 per tax-payer with the balance carried forward up to 5 years. For advise on individual tax payer’s eligibility contact an accountant. Full details at State of Colorado Enterprise Zone Program - Contribution Projects.

Pueblo County Enterprise Zone Contribution Projects


Eligible organizations and projects wishing to apply to the Enterprise Zone Contribution program should contact the Pueblo County Enterprise Zone Administrator


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