Pueblo Enterprise Zone

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Pueblo Enterprise Zone - Available State Tax Credits

The Pueblo Enterprise Zone is a program that allows businesses located within the approved Zone to receive a variety of State tax credits. 

To file for Enterprise Zone pre-certification and certification, please click here.

  • A tax credit offering businesses $1,100 per new job.
    • EZ-Agricultural Processing: An additional tax credit of $500 per new business facility employee may be claimed by business adding value to agricultural commodities through manufacturing or processing.
    • EZ- New Employee Enhanced Ag Processor Credit: An additional tax credit of $500 per new employee may apply, if the business is an agricultural manufacturing or processing business.
  • Providing businesses a tax credit of 3 percent for equipment purchases. Special rules for renewable energy equipment apply.
  • Companies that implement a qualified job-training program for their enterprise zone employees may claim an income tax credit of 12 percent of their eligible training costs.
  • Manufacturing businesses are exempt from State sales and use tax on purchases of $500 or more of machinery, machine tools, or parts for either.
  • Offers businesses $1,000 per insured job available for the first two years.
  • Allows owners or tenants of a building in an Enerprise Zone that is at least 20 years old and that has been completely vacant for at least two years to claim a tax credit of 25 percent of the cost of rehabilitating the building for commercial use, up to $50,000.
  • A tax credit for businesses up to three percent, based on the increase of a company's research and development expenditures within an enterprise zone during the previous two income tax years.
  • Offers businesses a state income tax credit up to 1.5 percent on commercial trucks, truk tractors, tractors, or semitrailers, as well as associated parts. Learn more.
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