Fleet Management

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The Fleet Management Department is the vehicle and equipment service and repair entity for Pueblo County. The department has 14 full time employees and operates from two locations: 701 W. 4th - the central office, and 33601 United Avenue - located at Pueblo County’s Road and Bridge facility.

The central office currently maintains 284 vehicles: passenger cars, light trucks, vans, light duty utility equipment, and law enforcement vehicles. The central office employs 3 full time technicians and 1 administrative assistant. The United Avenue shop currently maintains 253 pieces of heavy equipment trucks and other specialty equipment. This location maintains a large parts inventory of approximately $57,000. This office employs 4 full time heavy equipment technicians, 1 parts room specialist, 1 tire technician, 1 service lube technicians, and 2 welders. The Fleet Director has an office at both locations overseeing the entire operation.


How to Fuel CNG Vehicles

There are 4 CNG pumps.
Please note pump #4 is for large trucks only

  1. When pulling up to the pump make sure the fill port is behind the pump. This will make it easier to attach the hose.
  2. Slide the vehicle card in the pump
  3. Enter DRIVER (PIN) number
  4. Enter mileage
  5. Press NO for receipt
  6. Wait for authorization
  7.  Attach fill nozzle to vehicle fill port.
    NOTE: The hose MUST be lined up straight and it will slide on easily, yellow handle will slide forward and a green bar will be displayed.
  8. Pull back the handle on the nozzle
  9. Lift up on the black handle where the pump handle is stored. This will start the fill process.
  10. Once the pump beeps it is done fueling
  11. Pull back in the nozzle handle
  12. Push the black handle down on the pump
  13. Make sure the fill nozzle is straight and pull back on the yellow knob.
  14. Hang the fill nozzle up

If you have any problems, please call Fleet at 583-6083 and we will help you fill











Fleet Offices
701 W. 4th Street
81003 Pueblo , CO
United States
Phone: 719-583-6080
Colorado US
Road & Bridge
33601 United Avenue
81001 Pueblo , CO
United States
38° 16' 15.3408" N, 104° 36' 29.7864" W
Colorado US