Advisory Council on Aging

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The Pueblo Advisory Council on Aging (PACA) is a group of community members, of which at least 50% are 60 years of age or older. Members of PACA represent a broad range of interests and organizations throughout Pueblo County.

PACA members are appointed by the Pueblo County Board of Commissioners to review and comment on PAAA policies, provider programs and actions affecting the elderly, and to recommend the allocations of funds for community based services. PACA also conducts public hearings on the PAAA Area Plan to solicit public input on the provisions for seniors in Pueblo County.

Nominate the 2019 Senior Citizen of the Year!

Please attend the 2019 Saluting Pueblo Seniors Luncheon

Membership Opportunity:

If you are interested in becoming a member of PACA, please call the Pueblo Area Agency on Aging at 583-6120.