Property Tax Work-Off Program

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Contact: Tanya Gurule - 583-6199 or...

Department of Human Services
2631 East 4th Street
Pueblo, CO 81001
(719) 583-6110

What is the Program?
The Board of County Commissioners, by Resolution No. 98-188 dated April 28, 1998, which was adopted pursuant to authority in Section 39-3.7-101 et seq of the Colorado Revised Statutes, created the Pueblo County Property Tax Work-Off Program effective 4/28/98 and as described herein.

The purpose of the Pueblo County Property Tax Work-Off Program is to help relieve the property tax burden for any eligible taxpayer who is sixty years of age or older or who is a person with a disability. An eligible taxpayer may perform work for Pueblo County in lieu of payment of any real property taxes levied by Pueblo County, or any portion of their Pueblo County taxes, due and owing on the homestead of the taxpayer. The taxes calculated are based on an estimate for program purposes and the taxpayer is responsible for any unpaid taxes owed resulting from a discrepancy between the estimated taxes and the actual taxes owed. The Pueblo County Commissioners and staff are committed to this program and hope to place people each year in Pueblo County where their skills are needed.

An eligible taxpayer, as defined in Section 39-3.7-102 C.R.S., at the time of application is defined as any Pueblo County resident who is:

Sixty years of age or older; or
Person with disability; and
The sole or joint owner of the property on which the property taxes are due, said property must be the owner-occupied residence of the taxpayer, or owner-occupied units in a condominium, townhouse, or similar structure; and
The property on which the property taxes are due and owing is not income producing.
To be considered for the Pueblo County Property Tax Work-Off Program, any eligible participant must complete the Pueblo County PROPERTY TAX WORK-OFF PROGRAM APPLICATION PROCESS (.pdf) to work off the Pueblo County property taxes due and payable in following calendar year.

The Property Tax Work-Off staff along with SRDA/RSVP Staff will place participants in a position where their skills and experience match.

The Property Tax Work-Off Program staff will notify applications of their eligibility to participation in the program and coordinate and process all necessary paperwork. Participants will be given their job duties and assignments by their designated supervisor. All hours worked must be recorded on the Property Tax Work-Off Program timesheet signed by the participant and supervisor weekly.

The participant will be issued a payroll warrant, in accordance with the Pueblo County Payroll Policy for temporary workers with Social Security (FICA) and any other required taxes withheld from these earnings.

In the event the participant does not complete the assignment and designated hours for any reason, the participant will only be paid for the number of hours actually worked.

Participation in this program in no way relieves taxpayers of their obligation to pay all property taxes owed when due and payable. Additionally, if the property owner and joint owner who reside on the property both wish to participate in the Pueblo County Property Tax Work-Off Program, they may. However, the maximum hours allowed applying toward participation is based on the program hours calculated.

Current Pueblo County employees are not eligible to participate in the Pueblo County Property Tax Work-Off Program.

The Board of County Commissioners has allocated funding for this program. Social Security (FICA) and any other required taxes would be withheld from the participant’s earnings. The participant must report all earnings to the appropriate taxing authorities. A W-2 will be mailed to the participant at the end of the year reporting the earnings. The Property Tax Work-Off Program is a discretionary authority of Pueblo County and can be discontinued by Resolution of the Board of County Commissioners at any time and is subject to the appropriation of funds for this purpose. The Property Tax Work-Off Program benefits Pueblo County.

Once the participant has submitted their timesheet for hours worked, a payroll check will be mailed at the end of the month to the participant’s home address to be applied toward their taxes due. Said check will be issued in the participant’s name. The amount will not be credited on the tax notice.