Weatherization FAQ's

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a customer have to be buying the home to apply for the Weatherization Services?

No, a customer can be buying or renting the home to apply for the program. In the case of renters, a Release Form must be obtained from the landlord allowing the Weatherization Program to work on their property.

Does the customer have to pay for any of the services offered?

The services are free to all eligible customers. For rental property however, the landlord may be required to participate on a furnace replacement and/or electrical repairs. This is determined on a case-by-case basis. All other avenues will be researched to obtain the funds necessary before this takes place.

Is there a long waiting list for this service?

The waiting list varies amongst the ten counties. For Pueblo County, on a regular basis, there is approximately a 90-120 days waiting period. Emergency situations will be given priority, dependent on the need.