Pueblo County Planning Commission

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The Pueblo County Planning Commission (PCPC) is pleased to welcome you to their webpage.  By having all of the information and tools used by the PCPC in one place, it is easier for the community to learn about land use matters in Pueblo County.  We welcome your feedback on this webpage, so if there is any additional information you think would be helpful, please send us an e-mail and let us know what you’re looking for.

WHO:  The PCPC is made up of residents within Pueblo County who are knowledgeable about the County or have expertise in land use and development.  Generally, the PCPC members reside throughout the County, but do not represent specific geographic areas of the County.  To see a list of PCPC members and their terms of office, click on the Commission Members tab to the left.

If you are interested in applying to serve on the Planning Commission, applications will be accepted through Friday, November 17, 2017, by 5:00 p.m. For more information, call or visit the Department of Planning and Development at 583-6100, 229 West 12th Street, or access the Pueblo County Website at: http://county.pueblo.org/government/county/department/planning-and-development/pueblo-county-planning-commission.  Vacancies, with a call for applications, usually are advertised in late fall of each year.

WHAT:  The Pueblo County Planning Commission is responsible for advising the Board of Commissioners on land use related matters.  On some cases, the PCPC will be the final authority, while in other cases the Board of Commissioners will make the final land use determination, taking into consideration a recommendation of the PCPC and staff.  Click here to see a matrix of land use actions/public hearing requirements for various land use cases.

The PCPC operates under a set of by-laws or procedures to ensure that public meetings are fair for all concerned.  The by-laws provide information on what the public can expect to have happen at a public hearing, including when they will have an opportunity to be heard.

The meeting agendas for the PCPC meetings are posted every month, the Friday prior to the meeting.  The agendas include a case number that is assigned to each case, which provides an active link to all on-line documents pertinent to the subject property.  If you need any additional information about an agenda item, please call the Department of Planning and Development at 719-583-6100.  Office Hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

WHEN:  The Pueblo County Planning Commission meets once a month, generally the third Wednesday of each month.  The established meeting schedule for both the Planning Commission and the Board of Commissioners is available on-line.  Meeting dates can change based on holidays.

WHERE:  The Pueblo County Planning Commission holds its meetings at the Pueblo County Courthouse, Commissioners' Chambers, located at 215 W. 10th St.  Enter at the north door (11th St.) and take the elevator or stairs to the first floor.  The Commissioners' Chambers are located at the center of the building.
The location of the PCPC public hearings and/or meetings is accessible to the disabled.  Accommodations will be made at such hearings and/or meetings for individuals with sight or hearing impairments, if such accommodations are requested at least two (2) working days in advance by contacting the Department of Planning and Development, at 719-583-6100.

HOW:  The Pueblo County Planning Commission has various tools that it uses to evaluate proposed map amendments (re-zonings), special use permits, 1041 permits, etc.  Below are the key tools the PCPC will use to guideits decisions and recommendations:

WHY:  The Pueblo County Planning Commission is on the forefront of some of the major ongoing issues in Pueblo County.  The Planning Commission’s roles are to plan and to help regulate land use to ensure orderly development and care for the environment consistent with protection of constitutional rights.  It is guided in those roles by federal and State laws and standards adopted by the Board of County Commissioners in the Pueblo County Land Use Regulations (LUR) and other County regulations.

The general public, permit applicants, State and federal agencies, other County departments and the Pueblo County Board of Commissioners are all customers of the Department of Planning and Development and the Planning Commission; all need to be heard fairly and addressed respectfully.  As required by law, public notice is sent to owners of property located within 300' of the subject property and published in a newspaper of general circulation (typically the Pueblo Chieftain legal section).  The purpose of notice is to assure that everyone affected by a change in land use is notified of their opportunity to declare themselves at the appropriate public hearing.

We are attempting to provide as much information about the PCPC and what it reviews so that members of the public are afforded the opportunity to be fully informed before attending a public hearing.  If you do not find the information you are looking for regarding a case on this webpage, please send your inquiry via e-mail to the Department of Planning and Development.  We will attempt to provide you with a response within 24 hours (weekdays) of sending your inquiry.