Purposes of Planned Unit Development

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PURPOSE. This district is established in accordance with Colorado Revised Statutes, Sections 24-67-101, et seq., for the following purposes:

  1. To further the public health, safety, integrity and general welfare within Pueblo County in an era of increasing urbanization;
  2. To provide for necessary commercial, recreational, and educational facilities conveniently located to residential housing;
  3. To provide for well-located, clean, safe and pleasant industrial sites involving a minimum of strain on transportation and other public facilities and services;
  4. To ensure that the provisions of the zoning laws and regulations promulgated thereunder which direct the uniform treatment of dwelling type, bulk density, and open space within each zoning district will not be applied to the improvement of land by other than lot-by-lot development in a manner which would distort the objectives of the zoning laws and regulations;
  5. To provide more flexibility and latitude of design;
  6. To provide more flexibility in the development review process;
  7. To provide for a greater variety of principal and accessory use in the development of land;
  8. To address the advantages resultant from technological change;
  9. To encourage a more efficient use of land and of public services, or private services in lieu thereof;
  10. To ensure adequate and timely public facilities and services;
  11. To lessen the burden of traffic on streets and highways;
  12. To conserve the value of the land;
  13. To provide a procedure which can relate the type, design and layout of residential, commercial and industrial development to the particular site, thereby encouraging the preservation of the site’s natural characteristics;
  14. To encourage innovative and creative development of parks, recreation areas, and open space; and
  15. To encourage integrated planning in order to achieve the above purposes.