Pathway to Independence

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This Pathway to Independence Toolkit is a transition planning worksheet designed to help you and your transition support team create a plan that  works for you. This toolkit helps you document the assets you already have, those you will need, and identifies resources that are available to you.

Please click on the link to download the tool.

Pathway to Independence



This tool  is for you!  Take care of it. Keep your toolkit and your documents in a safe place. Learn from adults you respect and peers who have gone through the process,   It is your responsibility to make sure you work with everyone to learn the skills to be successful.  Take advantage of everything that is offered to you!


 This tool should follow the youth to any and all placements.  It is your responsibility to ensure the tool  is returned to youth should the placement disrupt.  This tool should be taken to the next placement or given to the foster youth when they find permanence or emancipate.


You play a vital role in helping youth complete the worksheet, You will also assist the youth with obtaining information about their time in your placement, their biological family, friends, and people they meet along their journey. 


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