Sustainability In Our Community

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About the Project

Pueblo County defines sustainability as follows:

"The responsible management of Pueblo County’s social, economic, and environmental resources which are mutually dependent for maintaining a healthy and vibrant community."  

Pueblo County has developed a county-wide Strategic Sustainability Plan (STRATEGY) and corresponding community energy assessment document. The Sustainability Strategy builds upon current sustainability strategies already occurring within the County operations and community while focusing on related issues such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, built environment and land use, waste and materials diversion, economic development, water, transportation, public health and the natural environment. It is comprised of goals, measures and actions that, when implemented, enable the County to increase its efficiencies throughout County operations while providing outreach to the community at large.


To promote and implement sustainability policy and management systems including energy efficiency, use of renewable resources and conservation practices while fostering entrepreneurialism and economic development in Pueblo County, Colorado.

Next Steps

Over the next year, 2012-2013, the County will work in partnership with the City of Pueblo, Pueblo West, CSU-Pueblo, community representatives, utility providers, Board of Water Works, and others to implement priorities of the plan. These priorities were identified by the Board of County Commissioners and the Core Advisory Committee for the sustainability plan.  They are listed below in no particular order:


- Increase energy efficiency in County operations, including fuel consumption and demand management of utility consumption


- Manage materials and divert waste from County landfills through reduction programs such as recycling and the development of a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) within Pueblo County to serve the larger region

Land Use and the Built Environment

- Link the goals for smart growth, land use and the built environment with the regional plan update

- Ensure that transportation improvements and development provide sustainable measures to enable alternative modes of transportation and pedestrian travel

Contact the Pueblo County Public Works and Engineering Office for more details and information.


Did you know about sustainability initiatives already in the community?

As of April 2012, through the construction of the new Pueblo County Judicial Building, over 700 tons of waste material has been recycled. This has been achieved by delivering waste to a local recycling facility, and 100% of this construction waste has been recycled. 

Contact the Pueblo County Public Works and Engineering Office to share a sustainability initiative with us.