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Who is PACOG?

The Pueblo Area Council of Governments (PACOG) is an intergovernmental organization consisting of the following member entities:

  • City of Pueblo
  • County of Pueblo
  • Board of Water Works
  • School District No. 60
  • School District No. 70
  • Pueblo West Metropolitan District
  • Colorado City Metropolitan District
  • Salt Creek Sanitation District
  • Town of Boone

The seventeen voting members of PACOG consist of the seven City Council members, three County Commissioners, and one member each from the Water Board, both School Boards, the two Metropolitan Districts, Salt Creek Sanitation District, and the Town of Boone. The Co-Executive Directors of PACOG are the City Mayor and County Attorney. The Director of the Pueblo County Department of Planning and Development serves as PACOG's Manager. Among other functions, PACOG serves as an urban transportation planning organization. Both the long-term and short-term transportation plans are acted upon by PACOG and prepared on behalf of PACOG by the City’s Transportation Planning staff.


Mr. Ray Aguilera Pueblo City Council
Mr. Mark Aliff Pueblo City Council
Mr. Lawrence Atencio Pueblo City Council
Mr. Ed Brown Pueblo City Council
Mr. Dennis Flores Pueblo City Council
Ms. Lori Winner Pueblo City Council
Mr. Robert D. Schilling, Jr. Pueblo City Council
Mr. Terry Hart Board of County Commissioners
Mr. Garrison Ortiz Board of County Commissioners
Mr. Chris Wiseman Board of County Commissioners
Mr. Mike Cafasso Pueblo Board of Water Works
Ms. Barbara Clementi Pueblo School District No. 60
Ms. Staphanie Cordova-Catalano Pueblo School District No. 70
Mr. Greg Collins Colorado City Metropolitan District
Mr. Doug Proal Pueblo West Metropolitan District
Mr. Ted Lopez, Sr. Salt Creek Sanitation District
Ms. Crystal Breckenridge Town of Boone
Mr. William Thiebaut, Jr. Region 10 CDOT Commissioner
Ms. Kallene West 2020 Commission Chairperson
Mr. Dan Kogovsek PACOG Attorney
Mr. Nick Gradisar PACOG Co-Executive Director
Ms. Sabina Genesio PACOG Co-Executive Director
Ms. Carmen Howard PACOG Manager
Ms. Louella Salazar PACOG Recording Secretary