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Environmental Policy Advisory Committee (EPAC)

EPAC was created by the Pueblo Area Council of Governments (PACOG) for the purpose of providing information and recommendations regarding environmental policies and issues.  The committee investigates issues, generates reports, formulates goals and objectives, and makes presentations and recommendations to PACOG regarding environmental policy.  The membership of the advisory committee is diverse representing the general public, private business, industry, and the public sector.  There are twelve members serving staggered three-year terms, as well as ex-officio members (the Environmental Coordinator at the Pueblo Department of Public Health and Environment and a CSU Extension office representative).  The members must be residents of Pueblo County.  The four interest groups, which require nearly equal representation, are as follows:

(a) Private Citizens—shall include those persons who are not eligible for any other category.  In addition, no person may be included in this category that is likely to incur a financial gain or loss greater than that of an average homeowner, taxpayer, or consumer as a result of any action likely to be taken by PACOG.

(b)  Representatives of Public Interest Groups—shall include any member of a non-profit organization which reflects a general, civic, social, recreational, environmental, or public health perspective in the Pueblo region, and which group does not directly reflect the economic interests of its membership.  Excluded from membership in this category shall be any member eligible for the economic interest or public official category.

(c)  Public Officials—shall include any officeholder who has been selected by a vote of the residents, any commission or agency member who has been appointed by a group of elected officials, and any employee of local, State, or Federal government.

(d)  Citizens or Representatives of Organizations with Substantial Economic Interest in a Plan or Project—shall include any person and/or company who are likely to incur financial gain or loss greater than that of an average homeowner, taxpayer, or consumer as a result of any action likely to be taken by PACOG.  Included in, but not limited to, this group shall be:  (1) representatives of companies inspected by the City-County Health Department for possible pollution, (2) farmers and/or representatives of ditch companies, (3) persons involved in supplying for profit recreation programs or equipment, (4) large water consumers, (5) manufacturers, (6) commercial establishments, and (7) non-governmental professionals with substantial economic interest.