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Use the links to the LEFT to locate individual various frequently asked questions. Additional information will be added as questions arise and time allows. If you have any suggestion for the web site please use "Contact the Webmaster" at the bottom of the page to submit suggestion and or recommendations.

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Info on Electric Cars in Colorado

Electric Ride Colorado
Southern Colorado Clean Cities Coalition


Accident & Traffic Count Locations
Please visit MS2 tab.

Local Regional National
City of Pueblo CDOT (CO Dept. of Transportation)

USDOT (Dept. of Transportation)

Pueblo County CDOT Highway Data Explorer FHWA (Federal Highway Admin.)
County GIS (Geographic Information System) Colorado Demography Office TA (Federal Transit Administration)
Regional Building Dept. Denver Regional COG Assoc. of Metropolitan Planning Organizations
City-County Library Mesa County RTPO Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Transport Technology Center North Front Range MPO Caliper Corp. (Workplace commuting data)
Pueblo Weisbrod Aircraft Museum Pikes Peak Area COG AASHTO
Frontiers Pathway Scenic Byway Action 22 USDOT-ITS --Intelligent Transportation Systems
Pueblo County Assessor CDOT MS2 TRIP--The Road Information Program
City of Pueblo Bustang    
Pueblo Airport    
Pueblo Transit