Transportation Advisory Commission (TAC)

MPO Transportation Advisory Commission (TAC)

Who is the MPO TAC (Transportation Advisory Commission)?

In August 2006, the PACOG Board amended Section 6 of the PACOG bylaws to create the Transportation Advisory Commission (TAC) composed of two standing committees: the Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) and the Transportation Technical Committee (TTC). The reorganized CAC is composed of nine members serving two-year terms beginning in January of odd-numbered years:

  • Two (2) from the City Planning and Zoning Commission
  • Two (2) from the Pueblo County Planning Commission
  • One (1) from the 2020 Commission
  • One (1) from PEDCO
  • Three (3) at-large citizen appointees

The TAC regularly meets on the second Thursday of each month to review and make recommendations to the PACOG Board about regional transportation planning, programming, and funding issues.

TTC Members


Scott Hobson UTPD, City of Pueblo, Assistant City Manager for Community Investment
Pepper Whittlef UTPD, City of Pueblo, Traffic Engineer
Reyna Quintana UTPD, City of Pueblo, Planner - Transportation
Hannah Haunert UTPD, City of Pueblo, Transportation Planning Technician


Steven Meier Director, Planning & Community Development
Jerry Pacheco Executive Director, Pueblo Urban Renewal Authority
Earl Wilkinson Director, Public Works Department
Mickey Beyer Assistant Director, Public Works Department
Brenda Broyles Director, Pueblo Transit


Alf Randall Interim Director of County Engineering and Public Works
Joan Armstrong Director of Pueblo County Department of Planning & Development
Jeff Woeber Planner II, Planning and Development


Darrin Tangeman District Manager, Administration
Dan Centa Public Works Director


Wendy Pettit Region 2 Planner
Michael Snow CDOT Liaison


CAC MEMBERS Representing
Epimenio Griego County Planning & Zoning Commission
Don Bruestle County Planning & Zoning Commission
Mike Castellucci City Planning & Zoning Commission
David Webb City Planning & Zoning Commission
Michael Cuppy 2020 Commission
Jack Rink Pueblo Economic Development Corporation (PEDCO)
Salvatore Piscitelli Citizen-At-Large
Kristin Castor Citizen-At-Large
Alan Nelms Citizen-At-Large