Seniors and disabled can work off property taxes

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Any property tax payer at least 60 years old or who has a disability may volunteer their time to work off property taxes.
There are multiple eligible volunteer programs available in the Pueblo County Property Tax Work Off Program.
Click here for a list of volunteer opportunities
Those interested in the Pueblo County Property Tax Work Off Program need to complete and sign the application, consent to and pass a background check and be the sole or joint owner for the property of which the property taxes are due.
Click here for more information about the Property Tax Work Off Program application process
Pueblo County has room for approximately 250 applicants. Because space is limited, program participation is based on eligibility, background check results and on a first come first serve basis.
Applications are due on Tuesday, January 28, 2020.
Once the participant has submitted their timesheet for hours worked, a payroll check is mailed at the end of the month to the participant’s home address in the participant’s name, to be applied toward their taxes due. The amount worked is not credited to the property tax bill. Participants are still obligated to pay all property taxes owed when due.
Social Security (FICA) and any other required taxes are withheld from the participant’s earnings. At the end of the year, a W-2 will be mailed to the participant and the participant must report all earnings to the appropriate taxing authorities.
Current Pueblo County employees are not eligible to participate in the Pueblo County Property Tax Work-Off Program.
For more information about the Pueblo County Property Tax Work Off Program, please contact Tanya Gurule, USDA Food Distribution Manager at the Pueblo County Department of Human Services at 719-583-6199 or